Sunday, January 13, 2013

MCA review

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Crucial Steps to MCA Success

Crucial Steps to MCA Success!

1 capture page
2 facebook groups
3 domain name
4 hootsuite\
5 traffic
6. Video marketing

IT doesn’t take much to be successful at MCA or Motor club of America. In this post I will reaveal 6 secrets kept to just team members on on condition! You all thumbs up and like this post. Once you like it and send me your email. I will send you a detailed description on steps you can take to grow your MCA business fast, efficiently and most rewardingly…. Here are the steps to take to get some fast help! In essence you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours!!!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

MCA TVC IS a Cash Cow!!!

MCA TVC is a cash cow! Many people are joining this simple program and cashing out with thousands of Dollars every week. I am personally getting ready to launch a new program for MCA which will be out and available sometime in Feb 2013. We are excited to share this new system with MCA and TVC affiliates/ associates.



The system is a complete, done for you marketing system. You will have total control over your MCA business including, capture pages, training, how to videos, link tracking, SEO, Video marketing, campainge tracking and creation and much much more... and best of all this system will bring in sales in your sleep. 

MCA, also know as Motor Club of America has blown away most the competition in Internet marketing. This is due to their 200% commissions on a $40 buy in. Yes just $40 gets you in.  Once a member you can starte earning a weekly paycheck into the thousands of Dollars!!!

Dont believe me? just take a look at this short video!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ways to earn money like me. $50k A Year With No Job!

Are you looking for ways to earn money like me? Don't have a job or need to get money fast? In this blog I will show you how to make $50k a year with no job.

   First lets talk a bit about who I am and what I do. I am an ex Deputy Sheriff who has along with lots of others had to leave the day to day workplace and search for other opportunities, I started internet marketing and noticed I was rather good at it. The more I learned the more money I made. 

  Now some people will say that making money online is all a scam. They couldn't be farther from the truth. Yes there are a lot of scams out there and the way around this is to do your due diligence. Research your opportunity and decide if its something you can do. Don't fall for hyped up website promising you millions of dollars in a few weeks. It just doesn't work that way.

   Me and my girlfriend, did come across one program I would like to share with those of you looking to make some serious money online.  This program is called motor Club of America and me, well I personally am on track to make over 100k this year with them. The company provides benefits to motorist and a wide range of other benefits. Much like AAA. 

   I'm not going to go into all that right now in this post but if you want to learn more watch the video below. I will also post some links to videos of me discussing ways to make money.

   This post is about ways you can earn money and make a minimum of $50k a year. So with that being said I highly suggest you look into motor Club of America. This program pays you $80 per referral you get to also join. It has two sides you can market. You can market the benefits side, or the make money side.


I personally find more of my referrals responding to the way to make money with MCA. But the benefits are a huge plus  too. so if you would like to find out more on this opportunity and learn ways to make money. $50k a year with no job click on the link below and visit our Motor club of America website and watch the short video. I guarantee it will be the best decision you make all year!



Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Make Money Without Spending Money. | Motor Club of America

How to make money without spending money is a common question I'm asked these days. First of all, we all know what it's like to get excited about a new hot item and then purchase it. Only to find out that in order to make it work right or well, you have to buy the additional up-sells. Let me just say this is flat out BS. Although a very effective marketing strategy this can lead to the demise of most entrepreneurs.

This tactic is referred to as a sales funnel. This is when you come across a prospect for your business and sale them into a program. The sale is made, at what is called the low end offer. This is a basic sale or package. This is used to entice the buyer to say to themselves "Why not, it's only $30 bucks."  Once the buyer pays the low end fee they are often told to acquire more expensive items after the initial purchase. Dont fall for these tactics!

So what is a sales funnel? A sales funnel works like this:

Low End Offer- Usually low priced and with minimal risk to the buyer. Promises of fame, fortune and whatever else.

After Sale Offer- These offer are usually presented as one time offers and "You have to buy now or you will pay double next time." Though this is rarely the case it sometimes is true and the offer wont be presented again.

All In Offer's- These are the cream of the crop and I call them the "All In offer's"  these are the offers that promise if you pay all in and get everything then you will have all you need to succeed and be rich soon. Wrong! These are scam artist trying to pinch you for every last dime. They dont care if your a hard worker or got a family to feed. They just care about seeing money in their accounts... So what do you do?

When looking into an opportunity it is important to do your homework. Look and see what others are doing to make money and what is costing them money. You have to basically become a detective and find out what is really going on. Look to see if its a sales funnel or not. most companies that run on a legit basis will not have a sales funnel but a one cost fee.  If you have to keep buying other things to make money then its probably not worth your time or money!

Too keep this post short just beware of what you get yourself into when it comes to making money online. Myself i like to specialize in "how to make money without spending money." If you would like to see a legit program that I use to bring in up to $13k mo check out the link below and join my team for some extra training and personal help.   Also thumbs up , like and follow this post for me it helps with the rankings and
SEO stuff. Hope this was helpful. Take care... PS . Dont forget to check out the link below on how to really make money online..

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Motor Club of America Blog | November 2012

       Hi my name is Mandel Coulter and welcome to my Motor Club of America blog. I got started MCA on August 3rd, of 2012. I wanted to share my experience with anyone interested in also becoming a member. I get a lot of people who ask me whats it all about, so I will cover that in this blog.

One of the first positive signs I noticed about MCA was how quick and efficient the pay run was. I signed several people up my first week. The following Saturday, my back office showed all of my commissions earned for that week. Two days later on Monday the check was in my mailbox and ready for me to cash. This was awsesome because I hadn’t even been in the company a week and was already making money.

 Now, it’s easy to get excited with when you come across a great opportunity like MCA, but that Monday, While I held my first real check for decent amount of earnings, my perception of the online marketing world changed. A fire ignited, and I realized the true earning potential with would be great if I just focused on MCA. I began sharing it with everybody including family and friends. I promoted it simply using Craigslist and Facebook at first. I looked for free ways to promote and now specialize in free methods.

  With a relatively low start up investment of just $40 and HUGE 200% commission on every membership sold it didn’t take long for our team to start growing. In fact all you have to do is just enrolled one new member within your first 30 days you would be up $40. You can then use that $40 to cover the next two months of your monthly $20 membership fee. So with just one person sponsored you earn back your initial investment of $40 and have the next two months covered to help you find more people that want to join. It’s brilliant!

But lets face some facts here! No one joins MCA to just make a few sales here and there right? No, we want the big checks! $1000 and up checks right? I can show you how if you were to join on our team but first lets look at how it works. For every $40 membership sold MCA will advance you an $80 commission (that’s 200% on every sale). This is technically 17 months worth of residual income at $4.77 per month. But, instead of making us wait 17 months to collect the full $80, MCA and TVCmatrix will advance it to us upfront. They do this because they know most people stick with the company for longer then that. This isn’t all too new of a concept. Insurance companies have been paying on this model for decades and it has been time tested and proven to be profitable for both the agents and the companiest. It’s a true win win situation for everyone involved. A “No Brainer” as I refer to it. The company,

   MCA has been doing business since 1926. They offer a variety of benefits to their members which include road side assistance, Prescription discounts, Trip planning and travel reservations, Attorney fee discounts, $25,000 in Bail Bond and up to $5,000 for a stolen vehicle reward just to name a few. The pay is great and if you decide to join our team we offer extra support for those that need it.

   I’ve seen people with little to no experience come in and earn $300 and more their very first week in MCA. If you can copy and paste you can find success following our team strategy. We also have some advanced help for those who just need some extra umph!! And want to take their MCA earnings to the next level.

   All in all I’d say MCA is one of the better opportunities available. I plan on keeping everyone updated with my weekly, monthly, and yearly results. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at home, my number is (209) 416-1822. Below will also be a link to join our team for those of you who want to take action now. Your Sponsor name will be April Mays. She is my partner in MCA and a great leader as well. Once a member of our team, We offer all the training and tools for you need to become successful with Motor Club of America. Check back from time to time as I update my blog frequently. Thanks for reading this Motor Club of America Blog and God bless.